Top 5 ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes:

You likely already know this, but let’s bring this to the surface and discuss reasons to quit smoking cigarettes.

  1. Always needing to mask the smell of cigarette smoke – Perfume, gum, breath mints.
  2. Accidently burning others or your children.
  3. Burn holes in clothes, furniture, car seats.
  4. Shortness of breath – limits activities
  5. Coughing and hacking in the morning.
  6. Cleaning Ash trays – throwing away stinky butts.
  7. Sense of taste and smell are dulled.
  8. Yellowing teeth – difficulty smiling in photos.
  9. Most of your friends and family no longer smoke, so you are kind of an outcast.
  10. Budgeting to smoke costs upwards of $2,200 to $3,500 a year.

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